Our journey starts in a tiny green house shaped trailer on the beaches of South Shore Lake Tahoe In the summer of 2011


We began selling Hawaiian style shave ice from our little green vending trailer, serving the refreshing treats with all Organic, California sourced syrups and toppings. Our name was Organic Ice, and we created quite a wave on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe, becoming very popular with locals and tourists alike. We quickly realized how much the population valued eating treats with no artificial flavors and chemicals. Over the next 7 years the business evolved, expanding to two trailers and two locations, as well as vending music festivals, events and private parties.

While the shave ice venture was very successful, we always talked about making popsicles. Even in the snowy Lake Tahoe winter months, we ate store bought popsicles every day, and pondered the possibility of making our own with fresh local fruit, rather than artificial and processed ingredients. After years of contemplation and popsicle research, in the summer of 2017 we decided to take the leap into offering popsicles on our menu. We took a popsicle training course in Miami, FL and bought a fancy machine that freezes the pops in 30 minutes. And thus began Tahoe Pops!

At Tahoe Pops, we place value in sourcing our fruit from local California farmers. How can we not? When we have access to the best fruit in the world right here in Northern California. We make our pops with fresh local fruit and dairy, which is organic whenever possible. With our main ingredient being crisp Tahoe mountain water, its no surprise our flavors are elevated to their full potential! At Tahoe Pops we believe in sustainable practices and use only biodegradable wrappers to package our pops. As our journey continues, we are constantly searching for new flavor ideas and combinations, innovative recipes and inspiration. Have an idea for a flavor you want to see? Please get in touch with us on our contact page! We would love to hear from you!